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Zumba & Pound Fitness

Goals & Objectives

Our Zumba and Pound Fitness classes are led by certified instructors with experience in the field. We combine physical activity with synched musical motivation in an environment for all abilities, no matter your level of experience. 

Our Zumba class combines dance with upbeat music to keep you moving. Join us for an energizing fitness  class where the music doesn't stop!


Be your own rockstar! Pound fitness incorporates a  full body workout with energizing music to get you moving. Drum along with your favorite songs! 


Through participation in these classes, participants will:

  1. Develop better balance, coordination, self-confidence, increased energy and endurance through physical activity. 

  2. Examine choreography that is appropriate for a diverse population of participants. 

  3. Explore maintainable and lifelong healthy choices in a community of friendship and support.

  4. Interact with a wide range of people of a diverse range abilities and interests. 

  5. Encourage lifelong exploration and commitment to physical activity and fitness. 

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