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Love, Nana

Our Mission: “Love, Nana” is a Community Service Project presented by the Backyard Players and Friends. We are a volunteer & donation based non-profit whose mission is two-fold, to assist local families in need by providing gently used clothing for newborns and offering a skills training and community experience program for our participants.

About Us: "Love, Nana,'' collects gently used baby clothes, baby books, and other baby accessories to create bundles to donate to young mothers and families in need throughout the local community.


BYP is proud to be joining forces on this project to not only help families in need with new babies, but to also create meaningful volunteer opportunities for our BYP participants. Our participants will wash, dry, fold, and sort clothes while creating the bundles to donate. We have partnered with local hospitals, social ministries, and schools to distribute the baby bundles.

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