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Restorative Yoga

Join us on Mondays in The Backyard for a small group yoga practice that focuses on holding stretches and poses in a relaxing environment.


Our general yoga class allows participants to explore their space sharing positive group energy through a natural state of fitness.

Goals & Objectives

Yoga allows us to build strength and believe in our potential as we connect the mind and body. Join us as we work in an inclusive environment to build and share positive energy through a natural state of fitness. Yoga participants will:

  1. Identify strategies to improve flexibility, build strength, balance, posture and overall health.

  2. Develop motor & social skills as well as improve confidence, and sensory integration.

  3. Explore calming techniques to relax, slow your breath, and focus on the present. 

  4. Become an active participant in a community respect and support of friends to build strong relationships.

  5. Encourage lifelong exploration and commitment to physical and emotional fitness and well-being. 

  6. Encourage mindfulness and personal reflection.

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