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Virtual Theater

Find your activity videos on the BYP Virtual Stage:

Virtual Theater - Class 6

Activity: Watch Sarah's video as we continue explore to work of William Shakespeare and how it relates to nature. Read through the plots of Shakespere's plays, follow along as Sarah reads a selection from A Midsummer Night's Dream and share some of your favorites with us.

Virtual Theater - Class 5

Activity: Watch Sarah's video as we explore to work of William Shakespeare. Read through Shakespere's sonnets, recite one and share it with us using the email link below.


Virtual Theater - Class 4

Activity: Watch Sarah's video and try out the vocal and physical warmups. Next, a brief look at the history of theater. Finally, consider the prompt "The Hero Goes Out on a Journey." Come up with your own examples of how a hero takes a journey and share then with us below. 

Virtual Theater - Class 3

Activity: Watch Sarah's video and try out the physical warmup. Next, create scene in your own living room that allows you to travel anywhere in your imagination. Finally, listen to a passage from Alice in Wonderland.

Virtual Theater - Class 2

Activity: Watch Sarah's video. Choose a monologue below to recite or act out with a someone at home. Submit the video using the email link below.

Virtual Theater - Class 1

Activity: Come up with a dance, song, movement, action or speech that has to do with the season of Spring.

Email your video by clicking below.

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