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Creative Writing

Goals & Objectives

Join this writing workshop as we come together to learn more about all types of writing including poetry and short stories in a fun and collaborative way. We will brainstorm and set the foundations for our very own writing projects as well as share our creative pieces. Each participant will be able to bring in something to share—either a poem or piece of a short story that they love, or even a piece of something they are working on! Because this will be a workshop class, open conversation amongst all participants is welcomed and encouraged. During class each participant will:

  1. Engage in exercises that will allow participants to build confidence and explore their own voice and perspective. 

  2. Explore artistic self-expression to navigate emotions and thoughts through a creative outlet.

  3. Develop editing, revision and proofreading skills of written work including style, formatting and grammar. 

  4. Evaluate, explore and critique the creative writing process of peers. 

  5. Strengthen and explore written and verbal communication skills.  

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