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Art Materials

Participants will explore a variety of materials and elements of art. They will create works of art using a wide range of media including printmaking, painting, drawing and sculpture.

Artist Spotlight

Participants will explore the works of a variety of artists and use their techniques to create work inspired by their approaches. 

Goals & Objectives

Art encourages creative thinking, boosts self confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment. Join us as we explore the techniques, history and practice of expert artists and create pieces inspired by their work. Through this creative activities, our objectives are for each participant to:

  1. Explore a diverse range of artists and take inspiration from their works. 

  2. Encourage each other to apply creative thinking and planning skills.

  3. Reflect upon their creative works and the works of others. 

  4. Strengthen communication skills while commenting on the work of others and contributing to class discussion. 

  5. Develop self-discovery and self-accomplishment skills through a creative outlet.

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