Our Yoga classes help connect mind and body to experience a natural state of fitness, fun and feeling great!

Explore theatre games, song, dance, improvisation, and sketch comedy to create a community-based on cooperation and teamwork. 

Our CARE classes enhance individual skills and strengthen community bonds, through participation in various fields such as Horticulture, Music, Science, Artistry, Culinary Arts and community service projects. 


This class incorporates Zumba, Pound Fit and Dance Fitness as a means to healthier living…Fresh Beats & Loads of Fun!

Tennis encourages teamwork and the ability to think on your feet! Learn basic skills through fun drills and team play.

Movie Bites provides an opportunity to socialize with friends and fellow movie buffs! Meet and discuss your favorite movies, new releases and all things film. 

Join us as your team competes in our BYP Game Show. Try all your favorites including Jeopardy, Match Game, Family Feud and more. Bring your friends and family to see who comes out on top!

Learn the fundamentals of hip-hop dance, rhythm, and a fun hip-hop dance routine. Learn new steps, count music and beats, and learn tips & tricks for cool hip-hop moves every class!

Fitness With Friends

Fitness with Friends provides the opportunity for all participants to increase health-related physical fitness that is modified for each individual. 



Art encourages creative thinking, boosts self confidence and provides a sense of accomplishment. Explore the techniques, history and practice of expert artists and create pieces inspired by their work.

Music is shown to improve mood, reduce stress, lessen anxiety and provide an outlet for creativity. Join us as we explore musical instruments, techniques and practice in a fun and creative environment. 

Join this writing workshop as we come together to learn more about all types of writing including poetry and short stories in a fun and collaborative way. We will brainstorm and set the foundations for our very own writing projects as well as share our creative pieces. 

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