Goals & Objectives

Music is shown to improve mood, reduce stress, lessen anxiety and provide an outlet for creativity. Join us as we explore musical instruments, techniques and practice in a fun and creative environment.  This class offers the opportunity to participate in a musical setting, experiencing music and movement activities designed to delight ad awaken your curiosity about music .

Through these activities, our objectives are for each participant to:

  1. Develop an appreciation for all types of music by participating in a stimulating and social setting in which they will develop new musical skills while enjoying and playing music.

  2. Experience an outlet for emotional expression through music.

  3. Increase self-confidence in musical skills through group performance activities. 

  4. Develop and enhance everyone’s capabilities to participate fully in a musical culture.

  5. Participate in a collaborative process which enhances reasoning, inspires creativity, and encourages critical thinking, self-discipline, problem-solving, decision-making, cooperation, and imagination.